Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mt. Fuji's Many Faces

I love Mt. Fuji. This volcano is like a lady wearing make ups with the shades and colors of sunlight. Like a lady wearing dress of the the seasons. Like a lady wearing accessories of clouds formations, and many times too shy to show up, hiding inside those clouds

This is my first shot of Mt. Fuji. Taken from Nemoto Marine Camp Area located at Chiba Prefecture.

Took this shot during our new year winter camp at Tanukiko this year. Took this on the second day of 2009.

Early morning walk with my dslr during our camp at tanukiko.

Lenticular shape of cloud just on top of Mt. Fuji.

One of my entry to the Bayanihan Photo Exhibit.

On the left is a shot while we are resting after a refreshing warm bath at the hotel of Tanukiko Camping area. On the right, is another lenticular shaped cloud over the top of Mt. Fuji.

Early morning view ~~ no dslr yet ~~ from my beloved Fujifinepix S6000fd

My first favorite shot of Mt. Fuji.

With HDR effect

Can't dig to the original files right now. Just fit for this year 2009 ~ year of the cow

Left is a view from Makaino Ranch. Right is a long exposure shot

Another long exposure shot of Mt. Fuji.

Early morning shot. My first visit at Tanukiko, escorted by one of my photo hobby idol ~~ Maki.

Well, I still have hundreds of Mt. Fuji's images in my files. And really so hard to sort out which are the best shot I did. For now I think this is enough, I think I already paraded quiet a number of photos.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red Wave at Toyooka Elementary School

Red Wave at Toyooka Elementary School
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View On Black

Japan's No.1 Lady's Basketball team ~ Fujitsu Red Wave, choosed my daughter's school for a visit. And for all of the many pictures, they choosed this image for Mainichi Newspaper publication.

My daughter, and two other Toyooka Green club regular members are in this picture.

The player in this image, Shimizu Asami's hometown is our place too. And her mother came to watched this school visit. And I was been able to talked to her mother.

We talked which school and mini basketball team Asami attended. And I was so surprised that Asami attended Yamaguchi Junior High School.

Yamaguchi Junior High School is one of the famous school here in our region. This school usually get the highest place in basketball and volleyball tournaments.

And just like Asami, my daughter have an offer to come to Yamaguchi Junior High, if my daughter's performance level improved more.

If the offer came to us again, and my daughter will be eager and will be happy to play this basketball thing, I consider sending her.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Published Image

Published Image
Originally uploaded by moemoechi.

Published Image
I finally confirmed that one of my image was been included at Newsweek Magazine, July 13, 2009 edition.

Star Fireworks

Queenish of Hypocrasy

May God have mercy on all of us.

I already deleted the original messages that was been posted here.

and my message to you .....

I forgive you.

And what you have done to me, you owe it not to me, but to God.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DreamTeam Uniform

DreamTeam Uniform
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DreamTeam Uniform

Saitama Seibu Chiku (western region of saitama ken) formed a dream team for this coming All Saitama Ken Mini Basketball Tournament. Round one will b on August 16, 2009.

They invited all the mini basketball team to choose their best team players. And they gathered all these best team members. There were about 50 children. They made match making play in a two separate event.

Among these 50 players from different teams, they choosed only 15 to formed the dream team for Saitama Seibu Chiku.

And yes, my daughter was included on these 15 chosen players.

So happy for my daughter.

SBMMA Home page

and my daughter's team's homepage TOYOOKA GREEN CLUB and I am presently the one who manages this site, and the reason why it's so hard for me to spend my time flickring.

Uploaded by moemoechi on 15 Jul 09, 6.50PM JST.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Compilation of Bayanihan Photo Exhibit's videos and blog


“Japan in the eyes of Filipinos and Philippine Images”
“フィリピノの目に写った日本と フィリピンの 風景と人々“
March 25th to 29th, Year 2009
Adechan, BxOxMxB, Crispee, Coloma brothers(Uriel and Josh), Guy26, Itchay, KikoyBalayon, Maruchan, Maytatsu, Maimai, Ning2, Sarpon, Scion_Cho, Sharpener, Totomai, Ugnayan , Kalandrakas, Kidperez, Mamimo, Perf172, ZipMe, Dat27, Burn
Ms. Japphi, Ms. Docomo, Ms. Mizo_shiru, Ms. Bahaykubo, Mr. Fisher

Bahaykubo, Chepot, Chokulit, Depp, Fisher, Gerri, hjk, Jzee, Katek, Luvkidz, Maytatsu, Mhisoza, Mizo_shiru, Mtwalton, naughtymeeh, Poulain, Searcher101, Shinshinobi , Summerghie, Thermometer, Twinklyblue, and many many more ... (thank you everyone)

Ning2, Adechan, Mamimo, Sharpener, Guy26, Sarpon, KikoyBalayon, Timbog, Itchay

Poster Creation of

Special Thanks to
The PP Masters

Brought to you by: TF Photography Club

Blogs and posts about this Event

Official Thread at Timog Forum

Blog by Totomai ~ Distilling thoughts

Blog by Kalandrakas

At Flickr by


Bayanihan: A Photo Exhibit from shinshinobi on Vimeo.

A photo exhibit by Filipinos held in Kanagawa, Japan on March 24 to 26, 2009.

Bayanihan: A Photo Exhibit (Time Lapse) from Jesslee Cuizon on Vimeo.

Bayanihan: A Photo Exhibit from shinshinobi on Vimeo.

Some of the photos exhibited in Kanagawa Japan on March 25 to 29, 2009.

TF Plurk Club at Bayanihan from Meema Esguerra on Vimeo.

Bayanihan was a photo exhibit by Filipino photographers.
by Meema Esguerra, Ramil Sagum and group shots from Sarpon's camera (di ko alam kung sinong pumindot nung camera hehehe)

March 27-29, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

International Cooking ~ 国際料理

I was invited last February 21, 2009 to lead a Philippines' food cooking session held at Iruma Health Center. This event was sponsored by Iruma International Friendship Society (Association of Irumashi international exchange). I am lost of words to tell more about this event. Will just share the slide photos I took during the event.

2月21,2009、国際料理ーフィリピン料理イベント教えに行きました。場所:入間市児童センタ ー by 入間市国際交流協会

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

後。。。。 ちょと 。。。

Long time!

I was been assigned this year to maintain Toyooka Green Club's homepage. Just a little more effort and I will be able to finish the renewal of it's site.

It was been a long time since I deal with html and java codes. How I wished I can just use blogging and flickr for photo gallery. Using html codes really consumes time and effort. But even this eats much time, I do love doing this.

This club activities are my main priority for this year. It is not just because my daughter's last year in this club, but because she is the assistant captain ball. This club is a weak team, but this year, our head coach is expecting to have more winning results than before.

As a mother, weak team or a winning team, I decided just to give my support especially to my daughter. She really loves this game and I believe she can do more better than what she is now.

Try a little look to this club web site.


おひさしぶりにHTMLコードをつかいました。 やっ
ぱり手かかるですね。 ブログだったら直ぐできちゃいますね!そして、フォトギャラリはFlickrにして、なんちゃって ~それはだめですSecret


気になってるなら見てください 豊岡グリーンクラブ

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

お忙しい年の終わり 。。。。

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Iruma Mantou Matsuri

Iruma Mantou Matsuri 2008, November 25-26

During the first day, I walked around the matsuri with my husband and son, and with my camera hoping to have lots of shots, but we arrived there late afternoon, and instead of shooting, foods was what in my head.

The second day, 25th, I brought my camera too. But I was one of the emcee at Plaza de amigos stage, my first time, and hesitated holding my camera everytime we were not on stage.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Utawit Grand Finals 2008

Shooting this event was been a great opportunity for me to practice photographic skills. It was my first time to shoot an event like this with my three months old dslr camera.
Check out the Utawit Official Page

Grand Champion: Queen Santos

View slideshow

Second Winner: Emalyn Takahashi

Third Winner: Yoko Castro Miyashita

More Shots

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ako'y Pinoy Parin (やっぱ。。。あたし て。。。フィリピン人)

Last October 12, I took a journey to Meguro, Tokyo, to meet some online friends that I was been longing to see so badly for a quite long time. Finally, and yes finally, after the many cancelled plans, I made it meeting them.

We finally ended up meeting by attending the UTAWIT grandfinals wherein one of the Timog Forum member was a grandfinalist (JosephSensei), and what added the excitement, TresLentesPlus from Timog Forum Photography Club was the official photographer, and I was been so blessed to be a part of the group.
UTAWIT と言うフィリピン人ののど島会う事になりました。Timog 掲示板 の写真クラブもこのイベントのカメラマンになりました、あたしもその仲間です。

My long time flickr buddy "Juma-Jacklord" (totomai), who already posted his shot of me in his stream.
Meet him in action
Scion_cho ~ the one who started everything that made me decide to set a date to meet them.

Katek, the very fine, happy character young lady, and so friendly, who was been so consistent messaging me to come ~ I really like him in person ~ and so happy to meet again the beautilicious Poulain

Shaffie the leader of the photographer group and one of the Tres Lentes. The other two are Sarpon and Kikoy. These tree are also my co-organizers for the 2009 March Filipino Photo Exhibit.

I met there musikaghie who is so very kind in person. I also met Kalembang and kids, who was a former UTAWIT grandfinalist, and her personality leaves an impact. No wonder she is a talent who deserves to be watch on stage. Another photogs was Wired and Bai (housemate of shaffie). And I can still remember the face and names of Migs, Patricia and Julius. As well as Wena Onoue the coordinator of JosephSensei, and another TF member, they call him attorney.

During the program, there was something I realized with myself. I don't know if it is only me, but I felt inside me that I am still very Filipino at heart, "Ako'y Pinoy Pa Rin." I love the company and felt at home even though we just met. It was been a long time since I was been with a group of Filipinos.
プログラムの時、何かが感じました。  あたしはやぱりフィリピン人と感じました。 みんなはじみてあったのに、みんなといしょうのは、心が、うちすいてます、みんなの笑顔すき。 フィリピン人のグルプといしょうにいるのは、けっこおひさしぶりでした。

I still love participating and joining activities with a purpose such as UTAWIT. I felt that I was been reconnected to my old days with full of dreams and hopes for the sake of my own country. Because before I came here in Japan, I was been very active in many organizations.
やっぱりUTAWIT 見たいのイベント大好きです。 昔のあたしとつながった気がする、あたしの国のための夢と希望があふれてる。日本来る前に、いるんな組織化にかようってました。

I started as a Kabataang Barangay officer, and was been the city officer of KB, later became Youth Council of Olongapo. Experienced so many kinds of projects, fund raisings, like bingo and pasayawan (street dancing for fund raising purposes). Basketball tournaments, tree plantings, free medical services and free foods for poor urban areas, and even climbing mountains to reach Aetas.

But I was been discouraged with the politics. After I experienced being involved during elections, campaigns, ballot watching. I saw how the politics evolved. I said to myself, I am not for politics, I can't take the ritual flow of it. Later, I was been involved in some NGO organizations, my latest and was been very active was the Subic Bay Lions Club.
政治家の世界もあじわった。 でもとってもいやな世界でした。そしてNGOと従事した。一番さいごのは、スビックベイライオンスクラブでした。

And now, I believe that my passion for photography is a heavenly gift. Looks like God is opening another road in front of me, with my camera. It is because of photography that I was been active again at Timog Forum, and met new friends. And I was been asked to be one of the organizers for the coming Filipino Photo Exhibit next year, March 2009. And even I want to live my life alone in here, the flow of invitations lead me to be involve again.
今、写真家にはまってるのは、天からのプレセントとしんじてます。 あたしとカメラ、神様は新しい道を開いてくれてるようです。  写真家のおかげで,またTimog 掲示板でゆくさんかできるようになった、そして来年の3月フィリピン人の写真展の主催者にさそわりました。今音なしな生活をしたいけど、度してもいるんな招待ガ来る。
Image by shaffie ~ stage shot with the winner